For those who want to continue the discussion on service and social issues at home or in class, these resources may prove helpful.

Conversation starters

The Big Hearted Families section of the Doing Good Together site offers conversation starters and reflection exercises on a variety of topics from seniors and aging to diversity. Check out the recommendations for reading with empathy and starting kind conversations. Click here. 

Talking to children about poverty

Click here for a resource for talking to children about poverty.

Talking to children about homelessness

For suggestions on how to talk to young children and teenagers about homelessness, click here

Conversation guide for children about poverty and homelessness

Another conversation guide for talking to children about homelessness here.

Living Room Conversations

Living Room Conversations guides users through hosting structured conversations on a variety of topics from faith to homelessness to affordable housing. Click here


During the first three weekends of September 2018, over 70 congregations all across Shelby County partnered in groups of two or more to do projects to benefit the community. These partnerships have been manifestations of MIFA’s vision of uniting the community through service, and we are committed to continuing to bring groups together in this way to help build a better community for all.

This toolkit was used as a guide for leading participants in MIFA’s city-wide CommUNITY Days event in the fall of 2018. Please use it as model for creating a toolkit for similar events.

Learn more here

Volunteer Odyssey

Find other ways to volunteer in Memphis here

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