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After the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1968, economic, social, and racial divisions threatened to tear Memphis apart. A diverse group of community and faith leaders came together and MIFA was created to confront the issues of poverty, hunger, and social division through service.

2020 brought another crisis to Memphis. In a series of blogs, some of our current-day faith leaders have taken time to express their visions and hopes on healing and coming out of the pandemic better and stronger as a community.

Celebrate...Honor...Carry On

The opening line of Don’t Cry for Me, a beautiful song by CeCe Winans says,

Here we are again

That old familiar place

Where the winds will blow

No one ever knows the time nor place.

The song’s message speaks of how we are invited to honor those who are no longer with us. On November 1st we paused to honor and celebrate the saintly souls who blessed our communities of faith by the miraculous and generous ways they shared their gifts, talents, and resources with us. On November 11th we once paused to honor and celebrate those women and men who served and courageously shared of themselves for our national security. In a few days, Thursday, November 26th, we will be privileged to gather with family and loved ones. There will be those we will greatly miss because their seats at the table of our lives will be empty this year. We will pause to honor and celebrate the legacy of good works they left for us to follow.

As CeCe Winans continues she offers these words,

Don't cry for me
Don't shed a tear

The time I shared with you will always be

And when I'm gone, please carry on

Don't Cry for me

Each of these familiar days of remembrance invites us not only to authentically honor and celebrate the history given to us but to also redeem what was left unsaid. We are called to carry on committed to building beloved communities with integrity as we go forward. We can carry on the saintly example of the late Rev. Walter L. Peggs, Sr., faithful pastor of Fullview Missionary Baptist Church. Because of Rev. Peggs’ leadership, Fullview continues its commitment to supporting MIFA’s Meals on Wheels Program with their time, talent, and resources. We can carry on the courageously as Pastor Steve Stone of Heartsong Church did in 2016 when he and the congregation shared their worship space with the good people of Memphis Islamic Center offering both communities the opportunity to push past reluctance and find shared hopes and dreams for the community to honor their faith. We will carry on the persistent spirit of Rev. Dr. Steve Montgomery, beloved pastor of Idlewild Presbyterian Church who was unwavering in using his position and privilege to build a longer table of inclusion than a taller fence of exclusion.

As we move through the next few months you are invited to celebrate the gifts of community, honor those who by their actions made life better for others, and carry on by creating new ways so that our lives will become a source of inspiration for those who will one day remember us.

I can hear CeCe Winans beautifully singing,

The time I shared with you will always be
And when I’m gone, please carry on.

Let us carry on.

Written by Rev. Dr. Rosalyn Nichols 
Interfaith Officer at MIFA

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