Tuesday Bill

Tuesday Bill
By William S. Craddock, Jr., MIFA Meals on Wheels volunteer
From his book Restreaming – Thriving in the Currents of Retirement

"On Tuesday mornings, I call Mrs. M when I am three blocks away…. 'Good morning Mrs. M, this is Tuesday Bill about to reach your doorstep with a hot meal.'

Since my retirement, I volunteer weekly to deliver hot meals to men and women who are frail, elderly, alone, and cannot cook for themselves. There are twenty stops on my route in South Memphis and Irene is my favorite. She has had knee and hip replacements and now slowly gets around on a walker. Her door is double locked for security in her neighborhood where she’s lived for over fifty years.

When she finally comes to the door, we both break into broad smiles. She calls me Tuesday Bill since I see her every Tuesday morning.  We talk briefly about her past week’s experiences and the joy of living another day by the grace of God. Sometimes I wonder if I am her only connection with the outside world all day. 

As I leave, I bend over and peck her cheek lightly. She always says goodbye with a warm thanks and a soft murmuring prayer… 'Tuesday Bill, be careful and know that God loves you.' 

The image of her smile stays with me as I move on to my next MIFA Meals on Wheels stop."