MIphone Buddy Check-in Guidelines

Thank you for helping to keep our seniors connected! You will be given a list of Meals on Wheels clients to call during a time of delivery disruption. The calls are intended to help break isolation and provide a friendly voice to a vulnerable senior during particularly stressful times.

Things to remember:

  • Identify yourself as calling for MIFA Meals on Wheels.
  • Please call once each week during the assigned period.
  • The calls are private and confidential. Keep your call list private.
  • In case of concerns please refer the client to the MIFA phone at (901) 598-6597.
  • If the client has a medical concern, he or she should be instructed to call his or her doctor or 911 in case of emergency. Refrain from giving any health-related advice.
  • Please remind the senior that they have received emergency meals previously and encourage them to eat those during any period of service disruption. 
  • Please let the Volunteer Coordinator know when you have made your calls each week.

Don’t know what to talk about?

You are encouraged to spend some time chatting with each client—you may be the only conversation clients have all day. Be prepared with some basic questions or talking points. Some clients may prefer a short check-in while others might want an extended conversation. Below is a list of potential questions and conversation starters.

  • How are you feeling today?
  • How is everything going?
  • Have you spoken to anyone else today?
  • How was your Meals on Wheels meal today?
  • Is there anything you want to talk about?

Thank you!