Faces of MIFA: Friends

Category: Give

Jeanne Danziger

MIFA is a way of doing God’s work. I can see and feel the difference MIFA makes on souls and lives. Read More

Joe Birch

MIFA is the living, breathing, tangible embodiment of the Beloved Community. It feeds the people of Memphis and the Mid-South in many ways, especially those called to serve our Beloved Community. Read More

Bert Barnett

MIFA is the go-to organization in Memphis for the variety of needs among the poor and underprivileged in our community. Read More

Naomi Schriner

If you are not giving back, you are stealing. Read More

Bob McBride

I appreciate the vision of MIFA and their supporters of faith who desire to serve our fellowman by meeting the basic needs of many of the disadvantaged in our community. Read More

Norma Oliver

MIFA provides critical assistance to the community through impactful programs and gives our citizens an opportunity to serve with people from all races, religions, and cultures. It epitomizes Dr. King’s belief of the ‘greatness’ in each of us by uniting this community through service.  Read More

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