• Milton Lovell 9/25/18
    If you’ve never volunteered before, you should get started! Volunteering makes a difference and benefits others.  But the truth is the benefits of volunteering are far-reaching and ...
  • Eddie Lay 9/25/18
    Although the main goal of volunteering is to help others, we also know that the experience feels awesome personally!
  • Judy Royal 9/25/18
    When you volunteer at MIFA, you experience inspiring human connection.  
  • Martha Forest 8/29/18
    MIFA is the vital thread that connects Memphis as a community. They reach out and affect everyone from our youth to our seniors.
  • Barney Rolfes 8/29/18
    MIFA is valuable to the community because it provides support to those in need while connecting them with volunteers who help provide that support.
  • Sarah Petschonek 8/29/18
    The magic of MIFA is that it brings together volunteers of all faiths and backgrounds so we can serve our neighbors and make a difference in Memphis.
  • Sara Hall 8/29/18
    MIFA brings joy to those who serve and those who are served. When I deliver meals I am touched by the kind smiles and warm hearts of MIFA’s seniors and reminded of the importance of caring an...
  • Yvonne Madlock 8/23/18
    Volunteers are the heart of MIFA, bringing the community together in the true spirit of service.
  • Tom Martin 8/23/18
    Not only is MIFA a great way to serve others, it gives me and my kids a way to connect with amazing people. The relationships we have made through Meals on Wheels are very important to us—peo...
  • Rita Jorgensen 8/23/18
    The people I’ve formed relationships with by delivering MIFA Meals on Wheels have blessed my life tremendously by sharing their joy, love, wisdom, and life with me.
  • Steve Freno 8/9/18
    As a young boy growing up in the sixties, I heard President Kennedy's inauguration speech and never forgot when he said: ‘… ask not what your country can do for you—ask ...
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