There is sometimes confusion about the role of faith at MIFA. After all, “interfaith” is right there in our name, and serving “as an act of faith” is among our values. For these reasons, MIFA is sometimes mistaken for a faith-based organization, when we are actually interfaith. While the work of faith-based organizations is centered on a specific faith or belief system, we pledge to accept and engage all people, no matter their religious background, or whether they are religious at all.

MIFA’s interfaith mission statement is to promote awareness, cooperation, and service among people from all spiritual paths to build community and position MIFA as the preeminent interfaith organization in our area. We achieve this mission through interfaith projects in which volunteers from different faiths learn more about each other by serving our clients together.

If you would like to learn more about our interfaith work, contact Inter-Faith Officer Dr. Rosalyn Nichols at 901-529-4560 or

For interfaith resources, click here.