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Thank you for your interest in MIFA's MIpenPal Program!

If you haven't already, please submit a volunteer application on this page so you can begin your service.

As a volunteer pen pal, you will be paired with a senior MIFA Meals on Wheels recipient. We ask that you send an encouraging note, letter, or card at least twice a month, for a minimum of three months. This frequency gives the senior enough time to become familiar with you (it might also be helpful to add “MIFA volunteer” to your signature). Clients are welcome to reply if they would like; however, do not expect a return letter.

Please keep confidential each senior's name and contact information; be sure to sign the confidentiality agreement on this page.

We will check in with you every few months to see if you want to continue. If you have questions or comments feel free to contact Kristi Estes at kestes@mifa.org.

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