Welcome and respect all people

I do not know if people in the community – rich, poor, hungry, or otherwise—have a real understanding of how much you do to serve. You helped me with a utility bill and I was never made to feel like a beggar. I was treated with dignity and respect. I left with tears in my eyes.

- Client

Act with integrity

MIFA has, throughout its history, spoken to our need to stand together in our community to support the most vulnerable. That need has not diminished; if anything, it is even greater today.

- Faith Leader


In our strife and agony with civil rights problems, people wanted to get involved with something that would work for the good of all.

- Founder

Serve individuals and the community as an act of faith.

Every human being is our neighbor and the better we get at focusing on our humanity and serving our neighbors, the better we get at serving God.

- Faith Leader

Balance humanitarian goals with sound business practices

MIFA has through great vision, careful planning, high efficiency, and the ability to attract large numbers of volunteer workers, met urgent needs that most people would agree should be met. But until MIFA came along, few were doing anything about it.

- Media