Volunteer Safety

Information provided by the Memphis Police Department Community Outreach Program. 


  • Stay vigilant. Assess your surroundings, and consider making the block before you stop for a delivery.
  • Comply. If you are confronted by a criminal, do not resist. Material items are replaceable.
  • Call first. When delivering meals, call each client before you arrive to ensure a quick delivery. Park on the street, turn off your vehicle, and lock it during each delivery.
  • Travel in pairs. When possible, deliver meals with a partner for an extra set of eyes and quicker deliveries.
  • Travel light. Keep personal items or valuables at home or on your person; avoid carrying a purse or bulky wallet if you can.
  • Make noise. Criminals want to strike quickly without attracting attention. Consider carrying a whistle in case you feel threatened.
  • Identify yourself. Most people respect the service MIFA Meals on Wheels and its volunteers provide. Identify yourself with a car magnet, safety vest, or volunteer t-shirt.
  • Know your precincts. Locate the precincts in the areas where you deliver meals and regularly travel. If you feel threatened, go to any precinct or fire department for help. Click here for a list of local precincts.
  • Trust your gut. If it doesn't look or feel right, then it probably isn't right.
  • Walk with confidence. Look people in the eye, address them directly, and tell them you're delivering MIFA meals.

Watch the recorded MPD safety training session below.