Volunteer Stories
MIFA Volunteers share their experiences

MIFA volunteers come from all around the city each day to serve our Meals on Wheels senior clients. Hear from new timers and regulars, working and retired, young and old! 

Our vision is uniting the community through service and our volunteers help us make that possible. In this blog series, we will share volunteer stories, experiences, and more. If you have a story that you want to share please email hwalker@mifa.org

Outstanding Ombudsman Volunteer: Carolyn Kent-Beck

The MIFA community wants to honor Carolyn Kent-Beck for her volunteer service to MIFA in our Ombudsman program. Carolyn has been a Volunteer Ombudsman Representative for 24 years. Her desire and drive to help those who may not be able to help themselves is her driving force to being a true advocate to residents in long-term care facilities.

Carolyn was assigned to Graceland Nursing and Rehabilitation where her work has been impactful and life changing for many residents. Her professional expertise and genuine sense of care has made her an exemplary VOR and a respected advocate for vulnerable members of the community.

In addition to her advocacy of residents at Graceland Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Carolyn has provided shadowing opportunities for other VORs, helping those specifically who were placed at Graceland to acclimate to their roles. Carolyn was also involved with resident transfers from other facilities during evacuations and closures.

Carolyn now serves as a researcher for the Ombudsman Program and her commitment to the Ombudsman Program remains. Thank you so much, Carolyn, for your dedication to the Ombudsman program at MIFA and all the residents that you serve. We are so grateful to you!