Volunteer Stories
MIFA Volunteers share their experiences

MIFA volunteers come from all around the city each day to serve our Meals on Wheels senior clients. Hear from new timers and regulars, working and retired, young and old! 

Our vision is uniting the community through service and our volunteers help us make that possible. In this blog series, we will share volunteer stories, experiences, and more. If you have a story that you want to share please email hwalker@mifa.org

Dr. Tappan and Eureka True Vine Volunteers

He came with a friend, he left on a mission. 

That’s how Dr. Frederick D. Tappan, Sr. and the good people of Eureka True Vine Baptist Church became MIFA Meals on Wheels volunteers. He was so moved by the experience of delivering meals that he immediately called and asked how he and his congregation could deliver meals as well.  

What adds passion and purpose to this ministry, for the dedicated six-member team of Eureka True Vine, is that their meal delivery route serves the community around and even includes members of their church. Every Monday, starting at 9 a.m., volunteers receive the hot and pre-packaged meals delivered to the church by MIFA staff. The volunteers divide the meals up and deliver using their own transportation, providing physical and spiritual nourishment to those they serve. 

As important as the meal, is the gift of presence they offer. Often seniors count on that weekly warm smile, familiar face, and check in. With the isolation that has only been made worse during this season, the members of Eureka True Vine provide a weekly booster shot of care and encouragement.

Pictured above is the Eureka True Vine MIFA Meals on Wheels delivery team: Pastor Susan Black, Pastor Linda Taylor, Dr. Frederick Tappan, and Mrs. Annette Tribble.