Volunteer Stories
MIFA Volunteers share their experiences

MIFA volunteers come from all around the city each day to serve our Meals on Wheels senior clients. Hear from new timers and regulars, working and retired, young and old! 

Our vision is uniting the community through service and our volunteers help us make that possible. In this blog series, we will share volunteer stories, experiences, and more. If you have a story that you want to share please email hwalker@mifa.org

Be a Helper with Meals on Wheels: Steve Boscarino

Steve Boscarino has been delivering Meals on Wheels for the past six months since his retirement from the Veterans Administration Hospital. After seeing veterans have meals delivered while he was doing homecare as a physical therapist, he wanted to direct his time to volunteering at MIFA.

“When I retired, I was looking for somewhere where I could be useful. Somewhere where I could apply myself,” Steve says. “So, I read a little bit more about MIFA and realized there was an opportunity to be a volunteer, so I went online and applied, and here I am. I’m about six months in and loving it.”

During his time at MIFA, Steve has developed relationships and connections with seniors all over Memphis. He has even had the chance to deliver to veterans who receive Meals on Wheels, whom he knows well and worked with before his retirement. He values the time spent at each senior’s home.

“I’m enjoying the relationships I’m developing and the positive reaction I get when I knock on the door,” he says. “I don’t take that moment for granted. I realize it’s a precious interface, that minute or two. I’ll ask how they’re doing, if they need anything else, and just to be a person-to-person moment, and maybe the only person they’ll see that day.”

Steve has found joy in delivering Meals on Wheels every week, expressing that it fulfills his “love link.”

“There’s a lot of languages for love, and I’m an active service guy, so this kind of feeds that,” he says. “You really get to be a helper and a moment of kindness to somebody. If that appeals to you as a person, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.”

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